Friday, September 9, 2011

Search term madness!

We have all googled something at some point. And really, most of the search terms that people use to get to this blog are boring. Things like "mac vs pc," "do writers play video games," and "sailor moon." However, there is also a plethora of entertaining search terms, and that is what we are going to look at today.

brown blob slug bottom squid ink
. . . what does that even mean?

cliphunt sexy videos
You were disappointed, weren't you?

cool things to do with binder clips
You know, I could totally do a post on this topic. Anyone interested? My obsession with binder clips has provided me with an unnatural well of knowledge on the subject. Hmm, maybe in a few weeks.

freakishly creepy trees
Bahahahahahaha! My life is complete now.

got bit by something at yellowstone
That's a bit concerning. However, I think it might help to be more specific. Were you bitten by a bug or a bear? 'Cause, uhh, I think there will be different symptoms involved . . . you know, itching vs. bleeding out? Yeah.

i also want you
Umm, well, err, okay. That's nice. Especially, since I apparently wanted you first?

i live in scrivener
This is a good thing. A very good thing. Scrivener is pretty much the best program ever.

is friday an adverb?
No. It's not. It's a noun.

is loving an adverb?
Also no. "Loving" would be a verb. Or a gerund in special cases . . . which is a noun.

narrative point of view squidd
I'm pretty sure that would be a boring book:
    Today I battled with a with a sperm whale, but alas, our eternal feud must continue on for another day. However, I did get a nice, meaty chunk out of its side . . . though since consumption three of my tentacles have been twitching sporadically. I cannot imagine why.

picture of invading army
I'm so glad that you stumbled onto this blog in your search for suitably epic imagery. More people need to know about the impending threat on our soils.

stylish squid blog
Yessssssss. That's right. :D

what can i do with my dead llama
What can you do? WHAT CAN YOU DO?! What a silly question. Why, you can pay attention. :D

where do the keep squidzilla
Squidzilla? Why would you think that they keep Squidzilla somewhere? *shifty eyes* You don't think that they're training Squidzilla to attack, do you? That Squidzilla is, as we speak, cultivating a taste for human flesh and buildings in Tokyo? That would be silly! *high-pitched laugh*

See, wasn't that fun? So have you guys gotten any particularly exciting search term hits on your blogs/websites? Google Analytics is the easiest way to keep track of that kind of information, if you were wondering. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!