Friday, September 30, 2011

10 reasons to see The Lion King 3D

The Lion King is, hands down, one of my favorite Disney movies.

I love the Broadway soundtrack to death, and the movie soundtrack was one of my first CDs. I also have rather vivid memories of a birthday party that involved roleplaying as lions. Actually, much of my childhood involved roleplaying as big cats of some sort.

Anyway. I've been anticipating the blu-ray release for almost a year now. When I heard that the movie was going to be back in theaters for a few weeks to herald in that blu-ray release? Well, let's just say there was much rejoicing.
Yup, I saw it yesterday, and here's my hard proof!
And since the other two posts from this week involved lists of some sort, I figured I might as well round it out. *shrug* So, here are 10 reasons why you should check out The Lion King 3D theatrical release:
  1. It's Hamlet. You can't get more literary than that. Seriously. Think on it for a while.
  2. Yeah, yeah, 3D is a gimmick. I know. But it's not often you get a 3D movie that isn't live action or CG . . . so this 3D experience is a little unique.
  3. It's a movie about big cats. BIG CATS.
  4. There may be little kids in the theater who've never seen the movie. Most people dislike children in the audience, but sometimes little kids can be adorable.
  5. The animation has been cleaned up since the DVD release and it's gorgeous.
  6. The characters sing and dance. Also, if you haven't watched The Lion King in a long time, it might surprise you as to how complex some of the songs are. *cough*Be Prepared*cough*
  7. That horrible DVD addition of The Morning Report is not included in the 3D release. Note: I have nothing against this song in the musical, just in the movie.
  8. Timon and Pumba still make bad puns.
  9. Nala is a pretty awesome female character. Not only can she physically hold her own against Simba, but she's bold and adventurous too.
  10. The voice acting. Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick, Jonathan Taylor Thomas . . . must I continue?
So what do you guys think about The Lion King? Do you have the same sort of love affair as I do . . . or were you never all that interested in talking lions? And do you plan on seeing the movie? Or have you done so already? Tell me in the comments!