Friday, June 24, 2011

On the matter of squid brains

Hee hee, get it? Ahem. Anyway, I haven't talked about squid for a while now. My inner marine biologist screams at this betrayal, and thus, it is time to remedy the problem. Because my birthday is tomorrow. And squid are cool. Just look at this picture:

And you can thank HURL for this awesomeness.

Awesome, right? Well get this, a squid's brain is shaped like a doughnut. Yes, really. With a hole in the middle and everything. Also, their esophagus goes through that hole in the center of their brain. This is a big deal because they have beaks, so they can't chew their food, they have to rip it off in bite-sized chunks. Therefore, if a squid tries to eat something too big, it can give itself brain damage. Yeah. That's right. BRAIN DAMAGE.

Mmmhmm. The more you know.

So, that's your fun fact of the day. Share it with the people, so that everyone, young and old, can savor this supreme knowledge. But what about you guys? Any cocktail-party worthy factoids for me? Do they dare compete with the splendor that is the squid brain? Gimme your best shot in the comments!