Monday, September 5, 2011

Pretty pictures! And my WIP!

I've always wanted to do a WIP picture spam post.

The idea is that you've collected a bunch of relevant images to inspire your writing. Or, in my case, you've collected a bunch of images after the fact that remind you of why you love your WIP when editing. All in all, there are pretty pictures involved, so I'm sharing them with you guys, okay?

Red Rock Canyon
Image credit to J-a-x
a moment in a fountain
Image credit to ducktourer
an intricate glow
Image credit to abhishakey
Desert Sunset
Image credit to Shrimaitreya
Elderly Chinese Lantern
Image credit to Super Cool Japanese
Day of the Dead Skull Bracelet Carved Bone Charms
Image credit to sparkler923
burrowing sand toad
Image credit to buflyer200
Jaisalmer, the sandstone city
Image credit to fabian-f
Orange Asiatic Lily
Image credit to twg1942
Sagebrush Bonsai
Image credit to Joe Stylos
oil lamps
Image credit to clementinejam
Gears 3
Image credit to adametrnal
skull with metal rods
Image credit to Serenae
Just inside me.
Image credit to Sea-of-Ice
Woo! So what do you think? Did this post tell you everything that you ever wanted to know about my WIP? Also, have you ever done a WIP picture spam post? If so, leave me a link in the comments--I'd love to see what you've collected! And, uh, if not, you should go do one, because it's pretty fun. :)