Okay, I'll just cut to the chase and say that I have many more projects than I've listed here. These are just the cool and important ones. *beams*

  • Untitled Kai Story!
    Kai is a street rat in the desert city of Gardenia and he's cursed with the ability to See glimpses of the future. Too bad there's never anything good to be Seen there--his dead brother is enough proof of that--and ever since Ivan's death, Kai has just wanted to be alone. But when he unwittingly helps a girl covered in blood, he has no choice but to help her escape her pursuers.
    YA fantasy and first of a planned trilogy. Currently under revision.

Short Stories
  • Copernicus Goes to London the Third
    My one and only published work. The story of Marianne and her cairn terrier, Copper. Published in the 2010 edition of the honors literary magazine, Scribendi, and winner of the 2010 Western Regional Honors Council Award for Short Fiction. If you're interested in reading the story, an online version can be found here: Scribendi 2010.
  • Wednesdays
    The short story I wrote for my college honors thesis. The project was an experiment to show how three writers (Brenna Braaten, Rachel Rawn, and myself) could take the basic elements of a classic fairytale and write completely different stories. As such, Wednesdays is a modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf's POV.