Friday, September 23, 2011

A particularly versatile and lovely post

ETA (12/04/11): Woo! Krista at I Take the Pen gave me another "One Lovely Blog Award." Thank you~! *hugs her to death*

So, last Friday Brenna over at Blissfully Brenna tagged about a billion different people with some blogging awards and I was one of the bunch. Woo! Thanks so much! Anyway, check it:
As per being nominated, now I have to do stuff. Sigh.
  1. Thank and link to the peep that nominated me.
  2. Share seven random facts about myself.
  3. Award some other nifty bloggers.
So. Seven things about me:
  1. I was a Girl Scout for a long time. Yeah, I rocked that from elementary school through high school, baby.
  2. I do not like tomatoes. In any form. Yeah, no ketchup, no BLTs, no spaghetti sauce. Nothing. Actually, that's only 99% true. I love salsa. But it's gotta be spicy and chunky salsa makes me shudder.
  3. Speaking of this whole tomato thing, I'm a picky eater. Or rather, I do not like some very specific things that seem to show up in EVERYTHING. Like tomatoes. And mayonaise. And coffee.
  4. I am obsessed with Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. It's a fantastic song. I mean, even the covers rock (go check the On the Rocks and Halestorm versions).
  5. There are few things I despise more than going to the dentist.
  6. I am rather particular about, well, a lot of things. Organization is rather important to me . . . be it the files on my computer, the food in my refrigerator, or the books on my shelves.
  7. I don't get excited about upcoming events unless they're right about to happen. Seriously. Oh, were're going to Oregon in a year/month/week? Eh, whatever. Oh, we're going tomorrow? I'M SO PSYCHED.
Did all of these thrilling tidbits sate anyone's curiosity? If not, well, too bad. Anyway, my nominees:
  1. Jessie at Little Bonobo's Book Cafe - she doesn't update all that often, but her posts are always honest and interesting
  2. Kirstin over at SqueezeBoxPharm - because she's been trying to build up the motivation to blog more often, and maybe shiny awards will help.
  3. Kat over at That Flighty Temptress - because she always makes sure to keep things lively and fun.
  4. Jackie from Books & Tea - she reviews books and types of tea, which is a rather fantastic combination.
  5. Kate, or rather, The Queen of Creativity - she's my mother, and families should shamelessly lavish attention upon each other.
Yeah, I know, the original rules asked for 15 people, but that's kind of ridiculous. And it's not like these blog awards haven't been circling the blogosphere for the last forever. *shrug* Anyway, because today's post is kind of boring, I bring you what could be one of the best movie moments EVER. Oh, and just a heads up, there's a swear near the end.