Monday, September 19, 2011

OST Lowdown: PotC - At World's End

Okay, so yeah. This soundtrack is kind of old. *cough*it came out in 2007*cough* But it's also one of my favorites to write to, so in the spirit of sharing the goodness, it's the subject of this week's OST Lowdown. Let the review begin!

Ooo, look how  misty it is!
Album details--composer, number of songs, etc, etc?
Music was composed by the infamous Hans Zimmer, and there are 13 tracks that range anywhere from a minute and half to 10 and a half minutes long. Get the full details on Amazon.

What are your favorite tracks and why?
At Wit's End--Lovely, long montage goodness
Up is Down--Bright and playful and full of movement
I See Dead People in Boats--Quiet, but with power
I Don't Think Now is the Best Time--ACTION SEQUENCE
One Day--A bit depressing, but nice
Drink Up Me Hearties--It's the main theme medley people

So, from a writing standpoint?
Most of the music has a lot of punch, so I think it'd be good to listen to while writing scenes with power. By that, I mean scenes where something important is happening--scenes with action and scenes where your characters are definitely feeling something. It might be too heavy-handed for some writers though, because the orchestra and chorus are well-utilized, so this definitely isn't a calm soundtrack.

And your overall impression?
I already told you guys that I like this soundtrack. There's a lot of power in the music, and that's something I particularly like to find in instrumental pieces. The tracks are incredibly complex and varied, so unlike the soundtracks for the first two Pirates movies, it doesn't stick to the sea shanty motif 100% of the time. There are recurring motifs, but they always feel fresh, and there's plenty of unique moments (see Singapore or Multiple Jacks) to keep the mood alive. Two thumbs up from me!