How is Keito not epic?
Squidink is a blog about writing. There's one question you're all secretly wondering though: why's it called "squidink?" What does squid ink have to do with, well, anything?

Well, in my quest to create a blog I realized that every possible cute/quirky/writerly title has apparently been taken. That, and my name is boring. There are five thousand other people on the planet that have claim to it. So I thought. And thought. And thought. Ultimately I chose "squidink" because it sums things up nicely.

Plainly put, I like squid. Well, I like ocean creatures in general really. They're cute. Especially squid. My love of squid goes so far that I actually made myself a 8-foot squid body pillow. His name is Keito and he's right next to this paragraph in all of his ninja squid glory.

Anyway. I also like ink. When I say ink, I'm referring to writing really. Everything is written in ink--newspapers and books are printed in ink, e-readers pride themselves on the quality of their e-ink, first drafts are gutted with ink. Ink is pretty important stuff.

So I did the math: squid are awesome and ink is awesome, so squid + ink = ├╝ber awesome. Right? It's only made better by the fact that squid actually shoot ink. So because I like squid and because I like ink, it seemed like a winning combo. :)