Friday, July 29, 2011

The bookish wardrobe of my dreams

Okay, so I don't know about you people, but I've always wanted writerly clothing. Or rather, not necessarily writerly, but bookish. It seems like if I'm going to be scrubbed out while writing, I might as well have a snarky t-shirt on, you know?

So I've been collecting shirts in my Amazon wish list, secretly plotting the day that I might be able to actually buy one of them. Then I shall flaunt them and feel particularly writerly in the process. But until then, I thought I'd share them with you guys, 'cause they are kind nifty.

Yeah, they're totally rocking and you know it.
  • Writer's Block . . .
    Now, I'm not the biggest proponent of writer's block or the idea that it even exists, but this shirt is simple and darkly funny. And I like funny things. Conveniently it comes in about a thousand different sizes and styles too.
  • Read, Read, Read
    This shirt is fun, playful, and has cats with books. I'm shallow because I love cats and books, so seeing them together is pretty much a win. Also, it's an public service announcement on your chest, because what writer doesn't want people to read?
  • Attack of Literary!
    Vintage comic books covers. Classic authors. What more could anyone want in a t-shirt? Oh, that's right. A ZOMBIE ATTACK. This shirt is delightfully tongue-in-cheek and I love it. <3
  • Keep Calm and Write On
    Sure, it's a t-shirt based on an internet meme, but it basically says "suck it up" in a lovely, WWII Britain manner. Also, you can get it with pajama pants. There's nothing better than a writing shirt that comes with pajama pants. Seriously.
  • Why is an Owl Smart?
    Because he reads books! I love the subtly of this shirt--at first it looks like a normal forest, but then the shelves come into view and it all makes sense. And besides, who doesn't love an owl reading a book? No one.
That's a pretty sweet collection of t-shirts, yeah? Of course, now I'm pretty sure that someone's going to tell me they already own all of my dream clothing, but I suppose I can forgive. Maybe. Either way, what do you guys think? Do you have any writerly/bookish dream purchases? Tell me about them in the comments.