Monday, July 11, 2011

10 things I did this weekend

A lot of people will tell you that the best thing a writer can do is write. And read. And repeat. And then maybe do some social networking. This is somewhat true, but it's also important to step away from that cycle and live a little. So here are ten things I did this weekend instead of writing up a blog post:

  1. Went to the Montana Folk Festival and fell in love with Vishten.
  2. Ate a lemondairy. It's basically ice cream and lemon slushie. Together. How was it? Well, it was pretty lemon . . . wait for it . . . dairy!
  3. Watched Boyfriend play the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood online multiplayer. Not so terribly interesting, but the costumes were super pretty. Lots of ruffly sleeves and corsets and jackets with lacy bits.
  4. Played pinochle. Lost miserably.
  5. Had a horrible migraine that lasted for about six hours. That was delightful. I also slept a lot and strapped an ice pack to my head. It was stylish.
  6. Got tan. Or rather, freckled. This is coming from a white girl who doesn't really change color. Ever. So it's relatively eventful. And I even managed to avoid getting a sunburn. Win!
  7. Went to Walmart three times in an attempt to get cash back. Forgot every single time.
  8. Saw a bunny rabbit!
  9. Ate a bunch of other festival food. You guys don't really know this about me, but I'm a bit of a secret foodie. Because food is delicious. I'll resist subjecting you to the list, though there was a gyro to die for.
  10. Had a decent idea for the revisions on my WIP. Because it's impossible to keep my mind off it for long.

So there you go. I did some stuff. What exciting things did you guys do during the weekend? Did you get some writing done, or did you soak up life like I did? Tell me in the comments!