Friday, July 22, 2011

How should we rec books?

So, Brenna Braaten and I were at the bookstore the other day, when something kinda entertaining happened.

But let's set the scene. Teen book section. Lots of glossy, delightful covers. A table stacked full of books. Supernaturally on display, despite the fact that it was a few days before the official release. There was also a couple wandering the aisles, looking confused.

It turns out that they were trying to find a book for a 12-year-old girl who loves to read. And they didn't really know where to start. So they asked us. Because somehow we looked reliable. Or something.

I found the whole thing kind of hilarious, especially considering the whole WSJ drama of late. Of course, there was a happy ending to this story. We suggested a bunch of different books and the couple seemed super happy with our wealth of knowledge on the matter.

But unfortunately, not everyone has access to a pair of aspiring authors in their local bookstore. And not everyone has perused the book blogs or goes to the library or has someone to make appropriate suggestions.

So how do you guys think we can go about recommending books for teens? Or, more generally, to people that don't usually read? How can we make it easier to help people find something worth their time? And what about a rating system--should we implement something similar to the manga rating system for all books? Tell me what you think in the comments.