Monday, July 25, 2011

What do you think I should blog about?

So, blogging rocks. It's a nice way to subject you guys to my thoughts. And chat of course. Because that's always good. However, as of late, I've had a lot of trouble coming up with post ideas that seem interesting.

Seriously. I feel like the bag post is the ultimate low. But let's not talk about that.

Now, at this point some people might take a blogging break. But I'm afraid if I stray from my 3-posts-a-week schedule, then I'll just stop posting. Not because I don't like blogging (because, you know, I actually do like it), but because I'm lazy. Really. Those people that blog everyday? I secretly think they're crazy. Well, maybe intimidating is more the right word.

I guess what I'm really wondering is what you guys do when you can't think of anything to blog about? Do you agonize at your computer for hours or do you do other things until inspiration strikes? And what kinds of posts do you find interesting to read anyway? I'd love some feedback, so give me a heads up in the comments.