Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The quote-identifying game

As some of you may already know, I'm an English major. So I've had the pleasure of reading a lot of classic literature over the years. While a lot of that knowledge has melted away into the ether, I've also retained a surprising amount. And that knowledge has now reared its head in a bizarre way.

Enter the Barnes and Noble Quotes tote bag:
This is the green variation!
Anyone's that has shopped at Barnes and Noble is somewhat familiar with this tote bag. How so? Well, it's along the same lines as their classic, green shopping bags--lots of text. And if you've ever looked closely enough, you might have noticed that the text is actually various book quotes.

This week I've learned that I can identify roughly 97% of these quotes. Without looking them up. It's somehow pathetic and exciting at the same time.

So I guess what I'm wondering of you guys is this: can any of you identify these quotes? Have you ever played the quote-identifying game (oh yeah, I'm super lame) in Barnes and Noble? Or do you just think I'm crazy? Tell me what you think in the comments . . . and I dare you to get some of the quotes too!