Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Week 7

This week was not particularly thrilling OR particularly horrible. Ugh normalcy.

Days Left to Deadline: 27
Days Worked On: Only 3 this week
Morale: Good . . . and then not-so-good
Total Word Count: 99,877 (+220 *le sigh*)

Thoughts: My writing was going well. I finished chapter 6-2 (like I said last week, it was going freakishly quickly) and it was awesome. Not really much else to mention on that front.

Then I tackled chapter 6-3. Which is just miserable. Actually, scratch that. I don't really think I was in a good mental place for editing when I was working on it . . . so it might not be all that horrible. Either way, that last night of editing this week was a tough one. :( Here's to next time!