Friday, February 3, 2012

The requisite crafty!squid post

You know what, I haven't posted anything squid-related in a while.
. . . and Keito is eating the hammock. Yessiree.
And that would be my giant squid pillow, Keito. Don't we all need random crafty squid creatures in our lives? Why yes, yes we do. So if you're feeling the need to sate that urge, why not take a look at some of these great squid projects:

  • 8-foot giant squid pillow. Yes, this is the pattern I followed to make Keito. It's a bit nightmarish at times (especially if you overstuff your squid and have to hand-sew large sections), but definitely worth it. A playful pillow and a great conversation starter.
  • Adult knitted squid hat. Knitting is the bane of my existence, but this hat is nice and silly. And with a little modification could be easily transformed into a blooper. :D
  • Deep sea diver and squid amigurumi. This one's pretty cute. I imagine that it would make a good centerpiece if you wanted to put together a fake fishbowl . . . you know, with all of the rocks and plants, but no actual fish. just the diver and the squid. Yeah?
  • Realistic crochet squid. For those who are looking to make a hardcore squid. I haven't made this one yet, but I really love the accuracy put into it. Definitely looks like it would be quick to whip up, and there's a companionable octopus pattern!

Now weren't those adorable? There are a ton of squid patterns out there (including a spectacular mitten one that you can only see with a Ravelry account), but I tried to pick out some of my favorites. Either way, I really need to get my hands on that realistic squid pattern . . .

So how do you guys feel about crafty squid projects? Have any desire to sew your own 8-foot squid pillow? Or are you working on something a little more, uhh, normal? Tell me what crafty endeavors you're up to in the comments!