Monday, June 20, 2011

I write with Boromir

Let's cut to the chase. Right now I'm living with my parents and we have three cats. Let me tell you about them.
  1. Lucky: A fifteen-year-old Siamese who runs at the sight of any living creature that isn't part of our family. She also adores my father and follows him around the house, crooning with a special little "I love you" meow.
  2. Eowyn: Yes, she's named for that warrior woman from Lord of the Rings. She's also referred to as hotdog, because when we first rescued her from the ditch (all of our cats were abandoned as kittens), hotdogs were the only thing she would eat. Eowyn has perfected the mournful cat yowl.
  3. Boromir: Yes, like the dude from Lord of the Rings. What can I say, we have a running theme in this house. Our sheep are named after Grecian gods. Anyway, Boromir is also a girl. She is particularly fussy about being touched and is quite talkative. I've mentioned her before.
They are all good and dandy, but what you're all probably wondering is where I'm going with this. Well, while I've never had the joy of attending a writing retreat, I've can safely say that cats make some of the best writing partners.*

Now, I'm talking about Boromir in particular, as she's the only one who will visit me for extended periods of time. While I write, she likes to sleep on my bed. Occasionally I poke her with my foot, she lets out an adorable sleepy cat noise, and then we both get back to business.
Boromir is possibly the cutest cat ever. Just saying.
It doesn't seem like much, but it's nice having a low-key writing companion that isn't always asking why I haven't edited my next chapter yet or why I'm watching videos on YouTube. Also, Boromir's particular enough about being touched that her presence isn't super distracting. If I shower her with too much love, she'll whip out those teeth and claws as quick as a bullet.

So, yeah. That is my daring writing companion. But what about you guys? Who do you write with? Any pets, or are you lucky enough to have a writing buddy in the flesh? Tell me in the comments!

*Disclaimer: I am a rabid cat person.