Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Great Indie Summer Read Giveaway

Free things are awesome. We all like free things. As long as they're good, free things. Better yet, we all like to win good, free things. Because that's exciting. Unfortunately, I'm too poor to host a giveaway. It's true. However, I figured I could direct you guys to one of the most impressive giveaways that's going on right now. Because, as we've already covered, free things are awesome.
I desperately love the promotional banners for this thing.
The Great Indie Summer Read Giveaway is about what the title implies it to be. It's great, it's during the summer, it involves indie books, and it's a giveaway. Simple, yeah?

Here's the dirt you really want to know: Katya over at CoffeeMugged is the lovely hostess and her giveaway is quite impressive. Over 100 different indie books are involved and it's super easy to enter. Fill out the entry form and bam, you're in. Better yet, there are a crazy number of ways to get more entries in the pot and new opportunities are posted every day. The giveaway is only running until July 31st though, so you better head on over and get your name in.

Do any of you know about any other super sweet giveaways that are going on right now? Or have you ever been the winner of anything particularly exciting (like my Across the Universe water bottle)? Tell me about it in the comments!