Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Week 13

Days Left to Deadline: -15
Days Worked On: 2
Morale: Melodramatic with a hint of good cheer
Total Word Count: 98,853 (-1072 from last week)

What I Worked On: CHAPTER 6. ALWAYS CHAPTER 6. Or, in the case of this week, chapter 6-3 and a teeny, tiny bit of 7-2. And because no one but be actually knows what that means, chronologically these are chapters 10 and 11.

Thoughts: This was my fake editing process*. I suspect my real editing process goes something like this:
  1. Read drafted chapter and cringe.
  2. Try to fix the hard parts.
  3. Give up.
  4. Go fix the easy parts.
  5. Feel accomplished.
  6. Realize that things would make more sense if I combined a few paragraphs or moved them around or some random little crap like that.
  7. Implement #6, which takes far longer than it actually should.
  8. Repeat #6 and #7 one more time.
  9. Go back to #2.
  10. Whine a bit.
  11. Succeed this time around.
  12. Revisit #8 for kicks and giggles.
  13. The end.
The most important step is #8. Seriously, I feel like all I do is re-write things and then move them around six times. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, despite a bunch of whining and procrastinating, I got a decent amount of work done. Deleted a crappy info-dump flashback that's been pending for a whole. Re-wrote the entire dramatic rain sequence since it was lacking the appropriate drama. Also, finally got to the introduction of a character I've been looking forward to for a while now. *rubs hands together*

How about you guys? Get any work done this week, or did you procrastinate the crap out of that WIP? Tell me in the comments.

*Discovered as being fake as of 08/03/11.