Friday, March 9, 2012

The nails on FIRE

I made a completely frivolous purchase the other day. I bought a few bottles of the official Hunger Games  nail polish. Yes, you read right. There is Hunger Games nail polish.
Oh yeah.
There are 12 colors in all--representative of the 12 districts, don't cha know. From left to right these are: Luxe and Lush (District 1), Stone Cold (District 2), Riveting (District 3), Electrify (District 5), and Smoke and Ashes (District 12). *thumbs up*

I, uhh, originally was only going to go with, like, two bottles . . . but then I got sucked in. And seriously, when was the last time I could buy book themed fingernail polish? Oh wait, that's right. NEVER.

So yeah, because I know you're all dying to know about my mani, let me tell you.
I am incapable of taking nice pictures. Sorry.
I was going for a "girl on fire" look . . . because if I'm going to own Hunger Games nail polish, I might as well amp up the ridiculousness. So yes. Smoke and Ashes on four nails, Riveting with a topping of Electrify on the accent nail, and Electrify on two of the Smoke and Ashes nails to create "burning embers."

Yes. I may have put too much thought into this.

Anyway, I was wondering: what's the weirdest book paraphernalia that you've ever picked up? Just a Harry Potter scarf . . . or maybe something weirder? Would you grab some Hunger Games nail polish? And what do you think about my mani? Huh, huh? Tell me in the comments!