Monday, December 12, 2011

Writerly Tools: Book Country's Genre Map
Sometimes categorizing your book can be a bit a difficult. For example, my WIP is a fantasy . . . I can tell you that much straight off because there's magic and such. But there's also a pretty defined steampunk element, which is definitely a science fiction thing.

Never mind the fact that fantasy and science fiction have subgenres. And despite my steampunk elements, I'm pretty sure this WIP isn't a full-on, hardcore steampunk. So it's still some kind of fantasy. But what kind?

Urban? Paranormal? Epic? Historical?

I know the answer to my own question (hint: it's somewhere between high and traditional fantasy). But the question is, if you're writing genre fiction, do you know what subgenre your WIP falls under? If not, well, that's where Book Country comes in.

Now, Book Country is actually a writing/reading social network community run by Penguin. I haven't messed around on it too much, but it looks pretty spiffy. Also, it has a rockin' feature called the Genre Map. And that is what this whole writerly tools post is about.

Book Country's Genre Map looks something like this:
This is not mine. This is not mine a hundred times.
Sweet, right? Only the real thing is better because my version is just a screen cap with the genres and subgenres. With just a simple click, the actual Genre Map explains what each subgenre is and gives some great examples. It also lets your explore those subgenres.

Believe it or not, but it's actually pretty helpful to know genre fiction's subgenres. And since Book Country is part of Penguin, you be assured that these are actually somewhat legitimate. So definitely give the Genre Map a look-see, and maybe bookmark it too, since I'm sure it'll come in handy.