Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5 MORE webcomics writers should read

Hey, remember the last time I talked about webcomics? The basic gist was as follows: Writers love stories. Webcomics are home to all sorts of awesome stories. Unfortunately, I don't know of so many writers that profess the joys of webcomics. So, here, five awesome webcomics for you guys to check out.

And today? Well, today is a sequel to that post! Because, frankly, there are a ton of webcomics out there, and I enjoy far more than just five of them. So here, friends, five more favorites that you should definitely check out!*

The Meek
This is probably one of the biggest webcomics online right now, so if you haven't read The Meek yet, get to it! This one is all about a complex, fantasy, interweaving storyline, so if you're looking to observe those elements, this is the comic to check out. Not to mention the fabulous world building and, of course, the artwork.

This is the story of an exiled Amazon warrior and her son, who live in ancient Greece. Plus some crack (we're talking a My Little Pony vs Care Bears story arc). Gastrophobia is different from many webcomics in that it's essentially a collection of short stories. Which is awesome. Especially if you're looking for something quick and entertaining.

Thistil Mistil Kistil
As the comic's website puts it, "Thistil Mistil Kistil is a comic about vikings, Norse gods, and their adventures together (or against each other)." Simply enough, the research and thought behind this comic is astounding. The level of depth goes from locations, to characters, to the artwork itself, and that's something that anyone can learn from.

Monster Pulse
Monster Pulse is a relatively new comic, but I like where it's going thus far. Basically, there's some dubious science and body parts that transform into battling monsters. The concept is super interesting, which is really half the battle, and the execution has been spot on too. Doesn't help that all of the characters (and monsters) are super charming!

Great, is the kind of comic that started as something small, that, well, turned into something great. It's definitely a good show as to how one can take a bunch of different and random elements and create a cohesive story. But there's some depth too, as Great explores the highs and lows of life, and what it really means to be "great."

And there we go! So, if you guys read webcomics, what ones have you read? Any of these? Or do you have some favorites that I've never heard of? Either way, tell me your thoughts in the comments!

*BTW: As you may have guessed, none of these images belong to me. Shocking, huh?