Friday, August 26, 2011

It's getting closer and closer

The air is shimmering with heat, the local dairy is a parking nightmare because everyone WANTS ICE CREAM NOW, and the hobo spiders are frolicking like elk in mating season. The grass is in a state of permanent wilt, there are makeshift food stands everywhere with signs advertising corn and peaches, and the remnants of summer construction are starting to fade.

All of these are the signs of late August in southeastern Idaho. Do you guys know what that means?
Picture of the autumnal falls in Idaho Falls borrowed from Laughing Anne.
Leaves that change colors. Scarves. Fresh potatoes out of the field. A nip on the air. School supplies. Insects that will be out of sight because they're dead or hibernating. School buses. The smell of harvested alfalfa. Warm clothing like long pants and coats and other cute things. The state fair. New video game releases. Halloween. Sunlight that starts late and ends early. "Falling back" an hour. Gold grain against a dark sky. Cleaning out the garden. Control burns. Blankets. All the birds migrating away. The first overnight freeze.

That's right. It's almost autumn!

Definitely my favorite time of year. There's just something about, well, all those things I just listed. :D It gets me curious though . . . not everyone can love autumn (what's wrong with you people?!) . . . so tell me, what's your favorite season and why? Give me a heads up in the comments.