Monday, August 29, 2011

The great CP hunt

ETA (09/20/16): Sorry friends, my hunt is officially over. While we may not have gotten the chance to be CPs, I wish you all the best of luck in finding your special someone!

I'm looking for a critique partner.

Or two.

Or something.

See, the thing is, right now, I only have one CP. Brenna's awesome, but I've always liked having more than one outside opinion to work with. So I've been dinking around on Ladies Who Critique for the last two weeks, and I figured it was about time to announce it here. Just in case some of you lovely people are, you know, mildly interested.

If so, feel free to contact me via email (squidinksarah (ât) gmail (døt) com) or through the LWC website.

And here, because I won't force you to look at my LWC profile, a quick rundown:

What I'm Writing
An untitled YA fantasy and first of a planned trilogy. Currently under revision, aka first pass revision hell. The plot can be summarized as follows: Kai is a street rat in the desert city of Gardenia and he's cursed with the ability to See glimpses of the future. Too bad there's never anything good to be Seen there--his dead brother is enough proof of that--and ever since Ivan's death, Kai has just wanted to be alone. But when he's tackled by a girl covered in blood, he has no choice but to help her escape her pursuers. *dun dun dun*

My Critique Style
I’m not afraid of being honest, so my critique style has always been a bit, uh, brutal. But I do my best to be fair and I’ve been told that I make valid (and helpful) observations, so it probably evens out. It’s all about the tough love, you know? And I really like fixing up stories, even if they aren't my own. But if you want the real dirt, I'm sure Brenna would love to give you some sordid details.

What I'm Looking For
I want a critique partner who is serious about writing and getting published. Who loves YA. Who puts honesty first--who is happy to tell me when something sucks and why it sucks. Who is willing to put up with my whining and who is willing to whine back at me. Who is writing the story they love and who really wants to find a CP or two.

An Addendum
My WIP is not 100% ready for a critique pass right now. Yours doesn't need to be either. I figured it'd be nice to chat each other up before trading pages--see if we might be compatible. If we're not, well that's not a big deal. We can still be friends, right?

So there you go. Now what do you guys think about CPs? Do you have any CPs or do you like to work on your own? I'm curious, so tell me in the comments.