Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Week 3

Oh look, there was actual progress this week!

Days Left to Deadline: 55
Hours Worked On: Oh crap . .  I forgot I was supposed to be paying attention to this. I have no idea. I worked on three of this week's seven days.
Morale: Sort of better or something. *thumbs up*

Chapters Edited: Like . . . a half of one (5/27 total)
Words Cut: Umm, I added 126 words (3,366 total)
Total Word Count: 100,445

Thoughts: I suspect that these stats I'm "collecting" are actually somewhat deceptive and useless. I may revamp them for next week. Any suggestions?

Anyway, actually edited some this week. Re-read old chapters to get back on track, fixed some sucky sentences in said chapters and highlighted things that needed a more in-depth fix. Shockingly enough, I like chapter 3 now. This is pretty much equivalent to hell freezing over.

After that, I worked on chapter 4-4 (all of my chapter numbers are screwed up right now, fyi), which is mostly a lot of re-writing from a different POV . . . which is strangely more obnoxious than it should be. Though, I guess it's a good thing that my characters don't think alike?