Friday, March 11, 2011

Guest Post: The Law of Attraction

Yep, I'm still in Portland. But do not fret, for Squidink has another awesome guest blogger to keep you entertained and slake your thirst. Here's Kate, the Queen of Creativity!

In case you're from another planet or just don't know anything about the Law of Attraction, let me give you the basics. At its core it means "like attracts like" or "I attract to myself whatever I give my focus, attention, or energy to whether I want it or not." For example, if you think positive thoughts about a goal and work towards it with those thoughts, you will foster a positive outcome. You can go back through your life and actually see how this has played out. Whatever you do focus on you get more of.

Now, you may be wondering what does the Law of Attraction has to do with writing. Like a lot of people, I read writing blogs. Some focus on technique, others on the publishing journey, and some are by published authors I admire. All these blogs have a common denominator and is that they all talk about the fact that writing is hard.

While some people manage it gracefully, others are big whiners and go on and on about how labor intensive writing is or how they've been screwed over by the publishing industry. I like to think of writers as a creative, imaginative group of people, but these posts kind of make writers look like a depressed lot! I swear, in one week I must have read about writing being so hard a dozen times.

But enough is enough. I, like so many others, expect to be encouraged by writing blogs and the gloom and doom shouldn't be all that's on everyone's mind. This is where the Law of Attraction comes into play.

I think its time that writers started using the Law of Attraction to their advantage. It's easy. Just stop saying "writing is hard," so much. Now, I am not saying writing isn't hard. I just think that people need to stop focusing on that.

Try thinking about how wonderful writing is. Let's start blogging about how we wrote the most beautiful sentence last night. Or say, "Oh, I finished my book and it was so rewarding. I am going to miss those characters, they really made me smile." By being positive about our writing, we'll attract more positive experiences with our writing.

So let's make our posts more positive--there is enough negativity out there without creating more. I challenge all the writing bloggers out there to put a positive spin on your posts!

Kate believes that everyone is creative and uses the power of intention as she explores her own creativity through writing, multi-media art journaling, spinning, and weaving. You can stalk her online at her mixed media blog, The Queen of Creativity, or at her Ning network, The Queen of Creativity Castle.


Sherry Smyth said...

Excellent thoughts Kate. Makes me think that if someone finds something "too hard" or keeps mentioning how "hard" it is they aren't really using their gift or their potential to the best of their ability. Something you love must never be "hard" -- a true gift shines with possibility!

Brenna Braaten said...

That was awesome. And it was exactly what I needed to hear. I personally have been way too focused on all the hard parts and not nearly as much of the good. I'm going to take this post to heart.

I think this is what separates the published authors from the unpublished. It's the ones who can get past the "writing is hard" and still work through to the end.

Kate Robertson said...


Those are great points you've made, I think when we spend so much time focusing on what we don't want there's not time left to really focus on what we do and that is where our focus should be.


Kate Robertson said...

I am glad you resonated with it. I think you're correct it is the published authors who stay with their vision of their book and that it will be published. They do what needs to be done. They keep at it.

I think Sarah was a good example of this as she pushed through to finish that first draft before she left for Portland. I know there were a lot of days she didn't want to write but she still did it. She had periods where the writing was really hard. She did not focus on that but on just getting the words out. That is how you finish things.


Brenna Braaten said...

Indeed. It's hard when you get to the end, and all you want it to be done, but you have so much work to do to get there. I'm so proud of her for getting it done!

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