Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I like water, you should too

I know for a fact that we writers all want one thing in our lives: awesome. Yes. That's right. Awesome. We want to write awesome books, we want people to think those books are awesome, and we'd really love it if people thought we were awesome too.

Starting tomorrow (aka: March 31st), Kat Brauer over at The Flighty Temptress is going to show you all what awesome means via her Crits for Water Campaign.
Super official banner goodness.
Yup, this is a charity thing. For clean water. For $5000 worth of clean, sustainable water for an entire community. If you want some heavier details, Kat lays them out nicely.

Now if the idea of donating money to charity makes you squirm, fret not. Also, re-read the title of the fundraiser. If you donate to charity: water something awesome will happen: your writing will get critiqued. Be it by Kat or by someone from her intensive list of guest critiquers (which includes published authors, agents, and all sorts of fun people). There are also "Super Sekrit" giveaways.

Remember when we were talking about awesome-ness? Yeah.

I don't expect you all to run over and throw your money in Kat's direction. Some of us can't really afford to do that, no matter how much we want to. But, if nothing else, tell someone else about it. Tell your writerly friends, tell your blog readers, tell everyone on Twitter until they're begging you to shut up. Let's promote the hell out of this thing!

Now go forth, spread the word!


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