Monday, February 28, 2011

I want YOU! Also, a writing goal

ETA (03/04/11): And the third lovely guest blogger has made an appearance. Yay!
ETA (03/03/11): I have two lovely guest bloggers and would love to see a third! Any volunteers?

I've decided to tell you guys my secret goal in the hopes that if/when I fail, you will rain the hate down so hard that I will cower and cry beneath your missiles of disappointment. Umm, yes. A few other people already know, but I figured it was time to lay on some more accountability. Here it is:

I'm going to finish the rough draft my WIP by March 7th.

Oh, the shudders of horror and dismay are racing down my spine. I may only have two/three chapters and 15,000 words left, but they are a nightmare in the making. Let's just leave it at that.

Why am I setting this goal then? Two reasons: 1) so I get my butt into gear and actually finish, and 2) I will be taking a writing vacation starting March 8th whether I want to or not. I also figured that finishing the WIP, instead of leaving a hanging chapter, was a better choice.

For those who are curious, on March 8th I'm off to the illustrious Butte, MT for a viewing of Avenue Q. Early the next morning I will be driving to Portland, OR with Boyfriend for a several days of exciting, exciting apartment hunting. Woo hoo.

Which brings me to my next point. Would anyone like to be a guest blogger for Squidink? I'm looking for 2-3 guest posts that are amusing, witty, and about writing. The perks? Free promo! You will get a cute bio featuring your picture (if you so desire) and a link to your own blog.
And Uncle Sam wants you to do it. Really.
If you're interested, send me a quick email at squidinksarah (ât) gmail (døt) com. But just a heads up, the deadline for any guest posts would be March 6th. I'll update this post with further news if/when the slots are filled.

Anyway, do you guys have any ridiculous goals? Do they make you want to curl up in a ball and cry until your manuscript starts writing itself? Or do you thrive under the threat of deadline? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.


Kate Robertson said...

I will if you need me....

Jackie said...

No ridiculous goals here unless you count finding a job in Michigan. I do have one story in mind, but I'm not a disciplined writer so I haven't set any goals. Maybe I ought to so I can start cranking the story out.

Good luck on the deadline! Hope you get those 15,000 words done!!!

Jessie said...

Good luck finishing your WIP! I set a goal to finish my rough draft by the end of November. Then I ended up working two jobs, so it turned into "I will finish this rough draft by Christmas." Then I got the flu. I finally finished it the middle of January. I'm sure your experience will be better than mine was though. Just don't get the flu...

Sarah Robertson said...

You're wonderful.

Sarah Robertson said...

Haha, I hear that! I'm going to be job hunting while I'm over in Portland and I can't say I'm particularly thrilled about it.

Setting goals is both a good and bad thing, really. But you should try it out though--if nothing else it will help you be more productive for a while!

And I'll definitely do my best! :)

Sarah Robertson said...

Thanks! My original goal to finish this WIP was actually in December at one point. I started in August, so it seemed like a good time. I wasn't particularly dedicated about it though and did NaNoWriMo in the middle, which didn't really help. I think the most important thing is to keep going though, even when you do miss your deadlines. This time I will prevail!

Max said...

Good for you! Writing goals are amazing. I thrive under them. I'm proud of you. Good luck! I would write for you but I don't know what I would write about. I'm not that experty at writing.

Sarah Robertson said...

I think I actually like writing goals better when I'm not actively participating in them. But thanks for your vote of confidence! :) And I'd loe a post from you either way--writing expertise is not required!

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