Friday, February 25, 2011

Sailor Moon is the reason I write

Everyone has an origin story. A while ago I promised that I would tell you mine. And excitingly enough, it actually involved super heroes. What super heroes, you ask? These ones:
Sailor Mars and Jupiter were totally my favorites, btw.
Yes, Sailor Moon is what did me in. Teenage girls with short skirts, super powers, and the responsibility of keeping the world safe from evil.

Let me explain.

First of all, you need to understand that Sailor Moon was my First Great Obsession. A lot of things in my life can be attributed to Sailor Moon. Yes, I loved the Power Rangers to previously described extremes, but Sailor Moon was different. Sailor Moon changed my life.

Yeah, this sounds a little pathetic, but it's true. Sailor Moon has the honor of being the first animated series I'd seen with an over-arcing plot, and that made my young, pre-teen mind explode.

I became interested in computers because I could go to Sailor Moon fansites. I then learned HTML and made my own semi-popular Sailor Moon fansite. I began to read comic books (starting with Sailor Moon and branching outward) and then I fell down the slippery slope to anime geekdom. Drawing became an official hobby, and I filled sketchbooks with horrible Sailor Moon doodles. I started to realize that a lot of stuff from Asia is really cool, which eventually led to friendships and expanded horizons and all sorts of nifty stuff. The most important thing though, is that my obsession with Sailor Moon turned to fanfiction.

I wanted to write fanfiction. And I did. It was melodramatic, it was overwrought, and thankfully it never saw the light of day. The reason it lives in a cold, abandoned corner on my harddrive, is that I realized something: why write fanfiction for Sailor Moon when I could write something entirely of my own?

That thought was the beginning. That thought spurned a dozen stories and thousands of words. Even though I kept writing fanfiction, I started to cultivate my own ideas, and eventually it got me here. Now I'm working on writing for a living. And I can blame it all on Sailor Moon.

So, tell me, why do you write? Can you chase your origins down to a classic, children's television show? Or is your reasoning something a little more respectable? Have you always known you wanted to write? Tell me in the comments!


Jackie said...

Ohmigod! I love Sailor Moon so much! I remember rushing home every day after school just so I didn't miss the theme song.

My origins? Probably the Lord of the Rings movies. I became obsessed with reading the fanfics, and I had aspirations of one day writing my own. My friends and I made up alter egos based off of Lord of the Rings, and we used to write each other notes during class from the point of view of the alter egos. It was kind of ridiculous!

Brenna Braaten said...

Ah, Sailor Moon. gosh I love it. And it was also the same reason that I started writing, but so less dramatically than yours. I just copied the ending. And this was actually after a failed attempt at a thriller screenplay.

Sarah Robertson said...

Oh goodness, the Lord of the Rings movies were most definitely my Second Great Obsession (two of my cats are Eowyn and Boromir). :P For 2+ years a good friend and I would talk about Lord of the Rings EVERY SINGLE DAY during our lunch period at school. I'm really not sure how we had so much to say about it! >_>

Sarah Robertson said...

Yeah, it's a bit pathetic how I can basically attribute everything back to Sailor Moon. Alas.

Kate Robertson said...

Well you may say its Sailor Moon but you wrote your first book at age 4. The adventures of Nicky and Noel. You promptly gave it away to Eileen. You were writing and illustrating way back then. That was way before you found Sailor Moon.

You also had parents who bought you books for every holiday, birthday and between which contributed to your love of reading and writing, not to mention the influx of art supplies that fostered your desire to draw anime. Now where would you be without your Copic markers. I think it is all related. The art, writing and reading all combine to make you what you are today. A fantastic writer.

Being from a different generation I think my desire came from either an unhappy childhood and the desire to write down my feelings to watching the Waltons. John Boy was a writer and he wrote about his family, I think that I wanted a happy life like his and to be able to tell stories that inspired others. We all want to make a difference in the world and I think writing can be very powerful in changing lives.

Kat Brauer said...

I think I'm just gonna have to ditto everything you said. Because it's pretty much the same for me--except I liked Sailor Mercury better =P At least until I got older and it turned into Sailor Moon. I can still sing the theme song in both English and Japanese. This amuses my coworkers to no end, and they constantly make me sing it whenever we go to karaoke.

Sarah Robertson said...

Yeah, but it wasn't really until Sailor Moon that I was taking it seriously, you know? But thank you for my oodles of books and thank you for sharing. :)

Sarah Robertson said...

I really loved Saturn for a while after reading the manga, but I never saw enough of the show to get to where she shows up and actually does stuff.

I still know the theme song too! I had the English Sailor Moon soundtrack and I remember listening to it for hours on end. And, of course, no proper Sailor Moon fan can be without the Japanese version too. :P

Ralpine said...

Hey, hey....I'm giving away the arc of DIVERGENT I won on Veronica's blog if you're still interested! The book is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love Sailor Moon and can also pretty much say the same things you did... I also sing the theme songs in Japanese amd English and Sailor Moon has insired me to attempt to learn Japanese... It may be strange but I think Sailor Moon was one of the best animes ever, if you go on Ebay the stuff there goes for about $200! My favorite when I was young was Sailor Mercury but later and now it's definatly Sailor Pluto then Saturn then Chibi Moon! I even have pink hair...

Anonymous said...

I wrote a detailed short story on the lives of the sailors (focusing on PGSM) for an essay and my Teacher asked for more. I'm now writting a story based on Sailor Moon and getting asked to even write a script for a show based on the polot of Sailor Moon. No doubt about it, Sailor Moon has also changed my life and I hope to become a great writer.

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