Wednesday, November 16, 2011

50,000 words

Last night I crossed 50,000 words and became a 2011 NaNoWriMo winner. Then I got Winning Pie:
Victory pie from a fellow wrimo? Why yes!
*throws confetti into the air* It was all rather exciting. And delicious.

Anyway, now for some fun stuff, as I can't help but create a Wordle and throw some stats at you (like I did last time I felt prolific):

Pfft, from this Wordle you might think Rey's the main character. FYI: He's not.
Working Title: EPIC
Genre: YA Fantasy
Total Word Count: 50,225
Completed Manuscript: Hahahahaha . . . no. This was definitely more of an extended free-write than anything resembling a fleshed out story. Should be fun to re-write though. :)
Different Point-of-Views: 4
Days Worked On: 15
Awesome Songs That Helped: Heartlines by Florence + the Machine and Save Me by Royal Bliss. Yes, I listened to single tracks on repeat a lot.

And there we go. I wrote a lot and it was mostly a mess. Of course, that's part of my process . . . maybe I'll talk about it sometime. :) Until then, how are my fellow wrimos doing? Do you have a special victory event planned once you hit 50,000 words? Any pie in your future? Tell me in the comments!