Friday, April 15, 2011

More road trip pictures

Yeah, so I while ago I threw pictures of my Portland trip at you in two themed posts about trees and power poles respectively. I also may have mentioned that I was going to do a third, un-themed, picture dump post . . . and then I completely forgot about it.

Well, today is the day for that third post. Partially because I want to share the goofy/cool stuff I saw, and mostly because I'm kind of brain dead and can't think of anything writerly to talk about right now. So, uh, enjoy a day of off-topic goodness. Get inspired by it, or something. Yeah.

Anyway, voila! Random road trip goodness!

Boyfriend at the gas station. Note the helpful directions on the pole.
Random store display of awesome birds. 
Fish on a parking garage in Portland. How cool is that?
I love this sign. That-a-way to a boring, Oregon city! 
Steps and a lantern in the Portland Japanese Garden - it was so pretty there!
Shot from the pavilion in the Japanese Garden.
Uhh . . . a brick. With a face. It was outside of VooDoo Doughnut.
"YEAH DOUGHNUTZ." Also, the eyes of Dr. T.J. Ekleburg.
The little person proceeded to steal the leprechaun's Jameson's and run away.
Random, creepy spikes out in the middle of the water. :) 
The bow of a shipwrecked boat, which is not buried beneath the sand.
Even the bathroom graffiti was exciting. It's a dinosaur!
I wish I had a Toyota Taco. I hear they get good gas mileage.
This pretty mural was in Missoula. Last time I saw it, it was only half done. 
The only decent picture of Boyfriend and me. Also, the Colombia river.
Right. That's the end of Portland pictures. Any thoughts? Next week we'll have something new and exciting to do. What is it? Well, I guess I could give you all a little hint. I've been referring to it as Fanfiction Week. Wooo!


Kate Robertson said...

Great pictures. I do love the Taco Toyota. Nice pic of you and Kyle. Also like the boring Oregon City and the shipwreck and the Japanese garden. I want to go there

Sarah Robertson said...

Yay! I'm glad you liked them. Apparently I take a lot of pictures of things that are cool looking or amuse me. Someday we'll have to go! :)

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