Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 July Book Roundup

So it's been a while. *cough* I read some books last month though . . . and you know what that means: Book Roundup time!

If you are unaware: At the beginning of each month I do a quick review the books I read the month prior. But instead of letting myself get too wordy, each book gets a Twitter-length summary and a Twitter-length review. Genres are listed at the beginning of the reviews and my absolute favorites of the month are marked with a star ().

Please Ignore Vera Dietz by AS King
YA Contemporary Fiction--When Vera's best friend Charlie Kahn dies in questionable circumstances, she's the only one that can clear his name. But does she even want to? § Cute, quirky, and a punch to the face. Vera is such a complex character: she loves and hates and accepts how she can feel both at the same time. 

Essential Avengers Vol. 2 by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, and Don Heck
Comic--One day "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" found themselves united against a common foe, and the Avengers were born. And then they fought more evil. § Still silly and still dated. Love it though. Also, Hawkeye learns some humility and won a place in my heart for his ridiculous one-liners.

As You Wish by Jackson Pearce
YA Paranormal?!--Brokenhearted Viola accidentally summons a genie into her world, but can't commit to her wishes, lest she make a stupid mistake. Also, romance. § This is a cute/fluffy story, though Viola's angst was rough for me at first. But once things started rolling, it was a fun read to the finish.